Created by chupmacabre, Retractable Ladders Mod adds both a rope ladder and a redstone powered retractable ladder. No more out of place ladders messing up your rooms, and interior design skills… now with just a simple push of a button, the ladder comes down and retracts within a few seconds. One thing that I would recommend when using this mod, is once you have your ladder system setup, add some redstone repeaters so that the ladder will stay down longer, otherwise it might retract to soon. Download, Install, and as always, Enjoy! THIS MOD REQUIRES FORGE

Warning - Not all mods are guaranteed to work at all times. If you encounter a problem while using a mod and want to report it, first remove all of your mods and see if the problem still happens. If the problem continues to happen without any mods installed, report it on the bug tracker website. Otherwise, click on the chat option at the bottom of your screen, submit a ticket, and wait for a response.

It is recommended that you create a backup before installing any mods. If you start with a clean installation, you “should” not have any problems. I am not responsible if your Minecraft game crashes, bugs out, or causes any sort of damage to your computer or device.

Download Link – Retractable Ladders Mod