Chromebooks aren’t the ideal Minecraft laptops, that’s for sure. There’s no web-based or Chrome app version of Minecraft, which is written in Java. But Chromebook owners aren’t completely out-of-luck if they want to play Minecraft.

While there have always been jokes about Minecraft LEGO – the toys have done much of what the game does for decades without its help, thanks – this new set takes things to a whole new level of “wha huh?”.

Minecraft Realms is getting even more exciting! We’ve packed it to the brim with fresh mini-games, maps to spark an epic adventure, and intricate custom spawns.

Phil Spencer, the man in charge of Xbox, opened up about the company’s acquisition of Minecraft and its maker, Mojang, announced last month, saying that he’s not sure a sequel to the landmark title is “the thing that makes the most sense.

The 3-D world of the popular “Minecraft” video game just became more entertaining, perilous and educational, thanks to a comprehensive code modification kit, “Polycraft World,” created by University of Texas at Dallas professors, students and alumni.