Created by Flammarilva, Fossils Archeology adds a lot of really great ancient artifacts along with lots of new mobs to turn any Minecraft game into a Jurassic Park movie for you and your friends! New items include: Bio-fossil, Relics Scrapes, Stoneboard, DNAs, Ancient eggs, Broken Ancient Equipment, Ancient Equipment, Fern seeds, Skull Stick, Scarab Gem, Scarab Tools, Dino Pedia, Raw chicken soup / Cooked chicken soup, Essence of Chicken, Living Nautilus, Sio-Chiu-Le, Empty Shell, Magic conch, Dino meats/Dino steaks, Embryo Syringe, Frozen Meat, and Javelins. This Mod also includes several different species of Dinosaurs, Mammals, Enemy, Livings fossil, and a few special mobs that you will just have to download and play this mod to find out! On top of all of the great new mobs and items, there are lots of brand new blocks, relics, and so much more.THIS MOD REQUIRES – FORGE

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It is recommended that you create a backup before installing any mods. If you start with a clean installation, you “should” not have any problems. I am not responsible if your Minecraft game crashes, bugs out, or causes any sort of damage to your computer or device.

Download Link – Fossils Archeology Mod